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2010 March

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Crystal Bridges Bentonville, AR 
[[{"attributes":{},"fields":{}}]]The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is envisioned as a premier national art institution. The Crystal Bridges project, located in Bentonville, Arkansas will consist of 8 building nestled in a wooded area across a flowing creek and is a work of art in itself. The entire complex will encompass approximately 100,000 square feet of gallery, library, meeting, and office space, a Great Hall, areas for outdoor concerts and public events, as well as sculpture and walking trails. Crystal Bridges will house a permanent collection of artwork from American artists along with galleries dedicated to Native American and regional art and artists, which will be on display in 35,000 square feet of gallery space. The detail involved in this project along with the challenges of performing work out of state will be lead by Project Executive Brent Ballard, Project Supervisor Terry Evans, and Foreman Albert Suarez. The museum is currently being constructed through a joint venture between general contractors Linbeck and Nabholz. MBS Dallas/Fort Worth is proud to be part of this project. 
Devon Energy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
[[{"attributes":{},"fields":{}}]]MBS Dallas has been awarded the Devon Energy Headquarters Core & Shell project in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by a joint venture between Flintco and Holder Construction. Troy Newberg with Holder Construction is greatly appreciated for his assistance with all our questions. Houston-based Hines Development will be leading the Devon Energy Headquarters project, which will be by far the largest building in the Oklahoma City market. The 50 story tower will be quite a sight to behold, rising far above the rest of the metro. In addition, the Devon Tower will hold the title as the tallest building in the state of Oklahoma. The project has been registered with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) program and is aiming for LEED certification. The 3-sided glass tower will feature diamond shaped faces at the top, which will have 3 lanterns or large multi-floor atriums featuring sloped sides and GEG work that will be a challenge to the project. 
Adjacent to the tower is a large 6 story auditorium, dubbed the “podium” will be alongside park space. Designer, Pickard Chilton Architects called the auditorium the “jewel of the park” and said the company wants it to be available for community use. The auditorium is joined to the tower by a 7 story glass enclosed rotunda, featuring ringed walkways with GRG suspended underneath; this will serve as the structure’s main entrance plus an area for retail and restaurant tenants. The main circular lobby of the tower has a sloped GRG ceiling with reveals, and a curved core wall featuring lighting behind a millwork grille. 
Senior Estimator Hal Waldrop handled the estimating process, which stretched from the first in early November, through several revisions and alternates until the end of December. Brent Ballard of our Fort Worth office will be the project manager, Brent will be doing a lot of commuting from his home just outside Denton, Texas. As the project gets started, we will also be pursuing the tenant package that could more than double our contract. 
Upon the building’s completion in 2012, Devon Energy plans to consolidate its Oklahoma City operations into the new headquarters, moving in 2,200 employees. Devon estimates that the tower will eventually house more than 3,000 employees.