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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Family

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Ten years ago, we took the time to have a small survey at every jobsite asking employees what was the most important thing they work safe for? and the answer was Family. I would like to share a few of those comments written by our Marek employees and I also want to ask you the same question today. What is the most important thing that you work for today?

“My motivation for being safe is to be able to go home every night to see my family and be able to do my personal things I love to do, fishing, coaching, yard work etc”.
Robert Wood

“My main motivation of being safe is so that I can watch my little boy play ball. And so I can go camping with my family every summer.”
Ronnie Rudd

“My personal motivation is to someday become somebody important in life like in my family, I believe I am a responsible person and I have goals to better of my personal life.”
Ruben Hernandez

“My main motivation to be safe is my family. I need my legs, hands, and eyes to see and read tales to my sons. I also need a healthy body to support my family.“
Jesus Obregon

My wife and my daughter need me safe all the time”.
Edgar Ramirez

“The thing that motivates me to be safe at work and in my personal life is my family. My family always crosses my mind whenever I am on the job. My wife and my kid depend on me”.

Family is probably the most important reason of all our actions in general. We all have somebody that is waiting for us at the end of the day, no matter where they are if in Texas, Atlanta, or somewhere out in a different state or country. They want to hear from us one way or another. Why we should keep them waiting?

On these same lines, here at Marek Brothers you are part of our family, member of a team that sets the standards and makes a difference from other companies. We are looking forward to see you with use for years to come.

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