Improvements & Maintenance

Architectural products, materials and assemblies seem to change daily, and keeping up with them can be overwhelming. It seems that as soon as plans and specifications are updated, manufactures have already altered their literature, material designs, or products. Although they are typically bettering their products, it is a burden to stay on top of the changes, and sometimes challenging to get the real information you need to ensure that the complete assembly is designed properly. (If needed, one example is the recent change to EQ drywall framing).

Marek has strategic alliances and established relationships with the largest and best manufactures of metal framing, wallboards, and all parts of gypsum assemblies in the industry. We use these relationships to gain product knowledge, to understand material changes, and to stay up to date with the latest available information. If you need expert advice, design assistance, or application recommendations, we will gladly help.


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