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Give Education Reform in Texas a Chance to Work

Now that the Texas Legislature is taking a hard look at the way education reforms are being implemented across the state, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my recent experience traveling to Austin to talk with the State Board of Education about this important issue.  As you might have heard, lawmakers passed a reform bill last year that created more flexibility for students who are trying to get a high school diploma in Texas.  Those of us in the trades, like construction, have been very supportive of this for two main reasons: we want to see as many young people succeed as possible, and we feel there’s a career for many of them in our industries.

When I went to Austin to give public testimony on behalf of our education partner, NCCER, I understood that my goal was to provide an employer’s perspective of the relevance and rigor we find within the NCCER curricula and why we think utilizing industry standard curricula would give high school students an advantage in the work place.

News from Marek Family of Companies

We have reached two historic milestones this year and how appropriate they are to communicate our culture. We celebrate 75 years as a contractor who employs the very best craftsmen and we have honored nine of those craftsmen with the Marek Certified Craft Professional Credentials.

My congratulations go out to Pedro Cerritos, Dale Dodson, Jesus Reyna Salazar, Mariano Espitia, Jorge Velez, Kevin Mathews, Michael Anderson, Rogelio Garza, and Gilberto Palomo.

Looking for a Career in Construction?

No arguing that it’s tough to be looking for a job right now. If you are unemployed and 16 to 24 years of age, you are one of 18.6 million of your peers looking for work in your age demographic according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That translates to an unemployment rate of 48.9% in this demographic sector of the population.

How Does Your Company Set Goals?

A few years ago we began conducting an annual goals workshop at my company. In many ways this workshop is really about communication. Our office has approximately 80 folks. Having a meeting with 80 people can be a bit challenging. But we persevere because we have our own goal: learning how to ask.
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