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Weekly Toolbox Talk: eCompliance

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A good safety culture with a free injury environment is one that has an effective way of communicating, so at Marek we begin looking for a solution to help all of our employees give their feedback, keep a consistent message between the office and the field and allow everyone to access training records, inspections forms, and safety observations with a few simple clicks.

Our new safety management platform is here and is called eCompliance. Now we are able to give employees relevant information such access to training cards, inspections forms and a mean to communicate back to upper management concerning safety related issues. The first and primary responsibility for safety falls on each and every one of us at MAREK. If you are involved in any type of hazard recognition or safety observation, you are expected to report the facts to your immediate supervisor.

This means reporting all safety concerns: such as near miss, hazard recognitions, or in case of an accident, you need to communicate with your Marek team regardless of any injuries.

When informed that an accident has occurred that requires medical attention, your supervisor will do the following:

Injuries requiring notification of EMS: The supervisor will secure the scene for immediate investigation after the injured employee has been taken care off. The supervisor will accompany the injured worker to the nearest hospital.

Once a determination is made on medical treatment, the supervisor will gather the necessary information to complete an initial accident report. The supervisor will complete a Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report and file this with his branch within 24 hours of the accident.

Following this accident investigation, your supervisor will call a meeting to review and inform employees about the accident. The purpose of this meeting is to prevent any future injuries by sharing the information the company has learned from investigating the accident.

In the past employees often fail to “speak up” when they observe risky behaviors even when they know they should, because they felt there was not an effective way to communicate. Now with the use of technology we can embrace the tools that are available to us so we can communicate in a way we couldn’t before. Our company policy regarding mobile devices still effective, but we also want you to be able to have access to your certifications, training and also share your concerns to Marek. In the following weeks your safety manager and your field supervisors will instruct every jobsite on how to download and use our new app eCompliance.

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