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by Marek Brothers on Sep 1, 2012

Marek Houston will strive to attract and train highly qualified new employees to perpetuate the Marek reputation for outstanding performance, while honoring the legacy and loyalty of our current high performers by continuously improving their skills. We will accomplish this using the tools of our WFD program, effective assessments, and performance... read more

by Marek Brothers on Sep 1, 2012

It is our MISSION to develop the right program that recruits, educates, trains and produces the “best employees” in our industry. We are fortunate to have a great team that has successfully started this plan and is willing to make adjustments along the way to help meet our ultimate goals of Making a profit, Impressing the customer, Making this a... read more

by Marek Brothers on Sep 1, 2012

To meet the demands of the future, we will need to continue to reinforce our reputation of having a workforce of skilled craftsmen known for its unsurpassed quality throughout the industry. We must continue to develop and challenge our workforce to be the very best through training and creating an atmosphere to excel and become the leaders of... read more

by Marek Brothers on Sep 1, 2012

Atlanta provides employees with a fully integrated system of craft training that will produce the most qualified and professional workforce in our marketplace. 2012 CEFGA CareerExpo and SkillsUSA State Championships Anthony Pina - WFD Assistant, Gilbert Shelton - WFD Head Coach, Jody Klodner - WFD Training Coordinator, and Steve Shochley -... read more

by Marek Brothers on Jun 13, 2012


by Amanda Marek on Jun 13, 2012


by Marek Brothers on Jun 13, 2012


by Marek Brothers on Jun 12, 2012

Christopher Torres and Rafael Munoz are shown participating in the apprentice class held every Monday.  The instructor, ED Cheney, is in the back ground. Performance and safety module on using company tools and personal tools.  Shown is a performance evaluations on how to make sure Levels are plumb and level before using.  

by Marek Brothers on May 7, 2012

WFD Team members recently made a trip to the North Georgia Mountain city of Dahlonega in order to represent MIS Atlanta at Lumpkin County High School’s annual Career Fair. MIS Team members Daniel Garza and Jody Klodner spoke with over 300 students ranging from 9th through 12th grade and were joined by over 50 other presenters spanning all trades... read more

by Marek Brothers on Apr 11, 2012

Hispanic Contractors Association is offering a free 10 Hour OSHA class. We have reserved 12 spots for those who may be interested in attending. The classes will be held over a two day period. Friday May 11th and Saturday May 12. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Stacy or Joe for more... read more

by Marek Brothers on Mar 20, 2012

These are our 2nd year apprentice's working at the US Federal Courthouse and the VA-Outpatient Clinic.  These men have been attending an apprenticeship class 2.5 hrs, once a week since the start of 2011.  These men are evaluated every six months on Soft skills, Technical skills, Performance and NCCER training.  By taking full advantage of career... read more

by Marek Brothers on Mar 14, 2012

The Marek Family of Companies is once again sponsoring a booth at the CEFGA (Construction Education Foundation of Georgia) CareerExpo and SkillsUSA State Championships for 2012. It all happens 3/15-3/16 at the Georgia InternationalConvention Center. Marek Interior Systems and MEMCO Solutions are teaming up as they are expecting over 7,000 high... read more

by Marek Brothers on Jan 19, 2012

We would like to congratulate the following employees for their hard work and dedication. These employees have completed a level of their Workforce Development Training and continue to impress with their ambition in their quest for knowledge. We expect great things from these employees in the future Gabriel Garcia-Journeyman Training Program... read more

by Marek Brothers on Dec 7, 2011

On November 12th and 19th, 2011, Jorge Vazquez  came to the Austin Branch to train our field employees in OSHA 10 Training.  Jorge is our Loss Prevention Specialist from our home office in Houston.  Twenty-seven of our field employees were certified!  Thanks Jorge!! Here are a couple of pictures of our training room and our men.   

by Amanda Marek on Nov 23, 2011

We would like to recognize our employees whom are participating in our apprenticeship program. In this picture they are standing in front of a frame and sheet rock wall which they built as part of the performance lab project. As part of the lab, each apprentice is required to take apart a metal and wood framing, install insulation and sheet rock... read more

by Marek Brothers on May 2, 2011

As you may know we have been giving our journeymen the opportunity to take the NCCER exam. In doing this we were working towards a proud and educated workforce. Our mission is to build a safe, productive, and sustainable workforce of craft professionals. I am happy to update everyone and let them know that now 30% of our workforce is NCCER... read more

by Marek Brothers on Dec 14, 2010

 On March 11, 2010 we began the NCCER Certification Process, since that date we certified 15 journeyman. Upon the successful completion of the assessment, each participant will receive the NCCER appropriate credentials. We are very proud of all of the participants and their efforts. 

by Marek Brothers on Dec 14, 2010

Our Service Awards Banquest for our employees was held on September 1, 2010 at the Barn Door. We would like to thank those awarded for their years of service and their hard work and dedication. They truly are a great example and we are happy to have them be apart of our team at The Marek Family of Companies. This years awards included: 30... read more

by Marek Brothers on Dec 14, 2010

In 2010 we partnered with San Antonio Independent School District to establish an ESL class for our employees. We have run through two successful semesters this year with 33 of our employees taking advantage of this opportunity. We are currently signing up for our 3rd semester which begins in January.  In 2010 we partnered with San Antonio... read more

by Marek Brothers on Dec 14, 2010

 We have completed training our second graduating class of OJT Helpers. Ten trainees graduated this year bringing our total number of graduates up to twenty two. We celebrated at Mamacitas Mexican Restaurant where we had our graduates and their coaches in attendance. Katrina Kersch was able to join us and we all had a good time. The graduates... read more


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