Weekly Toolbox Talk: Employee Handbook Part 2

In the event an employee is involved in an accident or sustains an injury while on the job, they must report it to their supervisor immediately regardless of its severity. First aid supplies are normally maintained at jobsites to take care of certain minor injuries. When medical attention is warranted, the supervisor will assist the employee in getting to proper medical facilities.

Texas shuns immigrants the moment they're needed most

As the flood waters left behind by Hurricane Harvey begin to recede around our great city, the questions of how to rebuild and who will do the work are top of mind. Following the passage of a ban on "sanctuary cities" in Texas, we were already faced with a quickly depleting workforce.

Responding to Hurricane Harvey


MAREK stands united with our employees and customers during this challenging time. Our hearts and prayers go out to our team members who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

MAREK se mantiene unidos a nuestros empleados y clientes durante este tiempo desafiante.  Nuestros corazones y oraciones están con los miembros de nuestro equipo que han sido impactados por el huracán Harvey.

Weekly Toolbox Talk: Safety After the Hurricane

The MAREK team stands united during this challenging time. We know many of our team members are dealing with damage to homes and vehicles, being temporarily displaced or sup- porting friends and family who have been affected by the storm.


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