Building Interior Qualities

At MAREK, we believe a company is like a building — it’s only as strong as the foundation on which it is built. Since 1938, our commitment to quality and service has never wavered. Our process and our product unequaled by anyone in our industry because we're founded on the belief of providing strength from within.

"We are thankful for our history and excited about the future of the industry. We are committed to creating a sustainable workforce, contributing to the communities where we work, partnering with the best companies, innovating the way we deliver our services, and expanding the portfolio of services we bring to the market." — CEO, Stan Marek

Originally founded more than 80 years ago as a drywall business, MAREK immediately began shaping the industry with the innovative way we purchased, delivered and installed drywall in the market. Through our strong industry relationships, we have since diversified as a large company with a variety of product offerings. From initial project planning and design, to providing the framework for your building and adding finishing touches on paint and trims, MAREK offers services for the duration of your project.

As we have grown, so has our responsibility as a role model in both the industry and the communities we serve. We continue to pave the way for new industry standards with initiatives like our Workforce Development program and the implementation of ground-breaking technology like Building Information Modeling (BIM).

In every aspect of our work, we strive to exceed expectations as well as remain true to the values and principles that have always defined us. When you partner with MAREK for your construction needs, you'll see it's not just the strength in our products — it's our strength from within.