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by Jorge Vazquez on May 12, 2022

Heat Stress  Hot weather causes more fatalities than any other weather-related source. Heat waves rarely are given adequate attention but in fact, they claim more lives each year than floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined. Heat waves are a silent killer. Heatstroke also affects both genders... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on May 5, 2022

The “War on Falls” was declared with only one thing in mind – to prevent injuries by eliminating fall exposures. Zero tolerance and suspensions are merely tools to deal with a violation after it occurs. The ultimate goal is eliminate the exposure in the first place. That can only be accomplished by each and every one of us... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Apr 28, 2022

ATTN: Open Enrollment period starts May 11 and ends June 3, 2022. All benefits related information and actions will take place in MyMAREK. Enrollment will be passive. Coverage elections will remain the same unless you are enrolled in a Medical Flexible Spending Account, Dependent Care Reimbursement Account, or Health Savings Account.... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Apr 21, 2022

SHORTCUTS All of us have exposed ourselves to possible injury by taking shortcuts when a few extra seconds would have meant doing something the safe way. We did this as children when we jumped the fence instead of using the gate. We do it today when we cross streets between intersections instead of at corners. Many people show... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Apr 14, 2022

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT  Tools and equipment include anything from ladders, scaffolds, utility knifes, extension cords, hammer, etc. They seem simple, but tools and equipment can be hazardous on the jobsite or anywhere they are being used. Their greatest hazards are misuse and improper maintenance. Therefore, the Marek Family of... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Apr 7, 2022

MATERIAL HANDLING AND HAND SAFETY Sharp edges and puncture hazards When you are handling metal, remember the sharp rolled edges. Every employee gets relaxed around metal: when you see your co-workers do this, remind them about the sharp edges. Many hand lacerations are caused by carelessness - losing your grip and not wearing... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Apr 1, 2022

Notice to supervisors: If you are not using stilts on your job, make sure you mention the War on Falls for ladders, lifts, scaffolds, guardrails, and holes. Make sure you also mention the two-day suspension for any fall exposure. WAR ON FALLS STILTS PROJECT SAFE STATES: Only those employees who have been certified under... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Mar 24, 2022

Line of Fire Safety Talk The term “line of fire” is very common when talking about the hazards of a work task. Depending on the work being completed, there may be many different lines of fire or there could be very few. It is important to understand the “line of fire” and how to avoid being in it to prevent injuries. What is the “Line of Fire”? A... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Mar 17, 2022

WAR ON FALLS 3 KEYS TO WORK SAFE ON LADDERS Grab a ladder. Stand it up and climb. So simple anyone can do it, right? But if it really were all that simple, 130,000 people wouldn’t get hurt on ladders each year, would they? Most ladder accidents are caused by improper selection, setup, or use, not defects. SELECTION... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Mar 10, 2022

EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK PART III DISCIPLINARY POLICY All companies, no matter what their business, have certain rules of behavior which must be observed to ensure a productive and safe operation. The Marek Companies are no exception. For the welfare of all of us who work together on a day-to-day basis, certain actions are serious... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Mar 2, 2022

ACCIDENTS In the event an employee is involved in an accident or sustains an injury while on the job, they must report it to their supervisor immediately regardless of its severity. First aid supplies are normally maintained at jobsites to take care of certain minor injuries. When medical attention is warranted, the supervisor... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Feb 24, 2022

EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK PART I ATTENDANCE Regular and on-time attendance is essential to the efficient operations of the company and is an essential function of every employee’s job. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness are not only inconvenient, they are also costly problems. While it is recognized that occasional illness or... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Feb 17, 2022

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET Most people don’t think much about their feet, until a foot begins to hurt. Damage to even one bone, ligament, or muscle in the foot can be very painful and make it difficult or impossible for you to keep on your feet and do your job. Unfortunately, statistics tell us that work related foot injuries are... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Feb 3, 2022

COLD WEATHER SAFETY As the weather becomes “frightful” during winter months, construction workers who must brave the outdoor conditions face the occupational hazard of exposure to the cold. You need to be especially mindful of the weather, its effects on the body, and proper prevention techniques. Environmental conditions... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jan 27, 2022

WEAR EYE PROTECTION PROPERLY We have talked about eye protection many times in the past. There is no question how fragile our eyes are and how important it is to protect them. We all know when to wear eye protection on the job, but today we want to talk about other eye injuries that occur and how to prevent them. The majority of... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jan 20, 2022

Notice to Supervisors: Mandatory Demonstration requires a Minimum of 20 minutes to effectively cover topic. Sprains and Strains Sprains and strains continue to be one of the highest types of injuries within our company. By following a few simple rules, many of these injuries can be avoided or have their severity greatly reduced... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jan 12, 2022

EYES, ARE PRICELESS Let's take a quick test. How many basic senses do we have at birth? Name them. Is it one.... two.... four? I'm sure we all agree the answer is FIVE. These five senses are SIGHT, HEARING, TASTE, TOUCH and SMELL. If you were faced with sacrificing four of these five basic senses, which one would you keep?... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jan 10, 2022

HAZARD ANALYSIS WORKING AROUND SPRINKLERS OR ELECTRICAL AREAS Notice to Supervisors: Read and prepare for safety meeting. Make sure all employees understand the importance of following our Hazard Analysis and the procedures to work around sprinkler and electrical areas. Electricity has long been recognized as a serious... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Dec 30, 2021

SAFETY IN YOUR LIFE 2022 MAREK hopes you had a great holiday season with your love ones. It's the time of year to look at our road ahead and it is important to remember that safety is our top priority. We need to remember that we are not getting any younger and that an injury can not only put us out of work but can also jeopardize... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Dec 26, 2021

OUR VISION NOBODY GETS HURT Do you often need to make strange or awkward movements to get your work done? Long reaches, twists, bends and stretches put your shoulders, back and elbows in uncomfortable and unnatural positions. These postures can injure your nerves and even blood vessels that supply your muscles. Merely... read more


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