JW Marriott San Antonio


Marek Location
Project Location
San Antonio, TX
Project Sector
Residential/Mixed Use
General Contractor
Austin Commercial

Owners Vision:
One of the goals of the resort was to design a building that sustainably complements the area’s natural and architectural beauty. With the type of serenity that surrounds the hotel, the decision to include a premiere golf course with the intention to host PGA tournaments in mind made it the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Luxury was definitely a key factor when designing this hotel but to make it comfortable and family friendly as well. This is a goal they accomplished with all of their world renowned pools and water activities.

Project Scope:
This is a world class destination hotel and conference center, including 1005 rooms, the largest in the JW Marriott System. The GC was Austin Commercial. Marek was selected to handle the drywall and acoustics for this prestigious project. The requirements of this project were extreme in every aspect; it required capacity, experience, quality, resources and an extreme safety program. Marek had over 350 craftsmen on this project at its peak. We worked simultaneously on the 1005 room hotel, the conference center, spa and clubhouse. Within the hotel there are several high-end finish restaurants and a sports bar with intricate radius fur downs that double as projection screens. The project really highlights our capacity and attention to detail. Kudos to Austin commercial, Marek, and all the craftsmen that built this facility.