Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized the construction industry from top to bottom. Utilizing an Integrated Project Delivery method, owners are now recognizing that cost over-runs and schedule delays will soon be a thing of the past. Hospitals are now being built with a 99% accurate BIM model and pre-construction coordination that includes the drywall subcontractor. Because of this, these projects are seeing a 0.5% change order rate compared to a typical 7 to 10% rate. Those same hospitals are also being completed 12 to 18 months ahead of schedule. Imagine how much added revenue that would be for a 500 bed facility?

At MAREK we see the added value of BIM as a means of improving the success of our customer’s projects. The DFW Airport Remodel, Austin’s VA Outpatient Clinic, and the MD Anderson Pavilion Addition & Remodel are examples of how MAREK has leveraged this technology to improve our ability to exceed both our customers' and the owners' expectations. As more and more projects are utilizing BIM for virtual construction and coordination, the demand for BIM capable subcontractors is on the rise. MAREK now offers a full range of virtual construction services including 3-D modeling, clash detection, cloud point lay-out, and 6-D Project Life-cycle Information Integration. See how MAREK can partner with you to successfully help facilitate your project’s BIM requirements.

For information concerning MAREK’s BIM capabilities, please contact Paul Godwin at 713-586-4122.

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