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2010 Basic Helper Trainee Graduation

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We just completed graduating our third group of basic helper trainees. Fifteen graduated this past Thursday. We had a Bar-Bque dinner for them and their guests. Nearly all had spouses or girlfiends in attendance. Paul Marek was in attendance with us and all had a great time. The trainees received their diplomas, plaques and other gifts supplied by WFD and participating vendors. Most of these trainees have begun the Mechanic Level classroom and OJT training. We expect great things from this group. Attached is the group picture from the graduation. Buddy Britt-WFD Training Coordinator Dallas Branch.
Front row, kneeling, Rt. to LFT.:
David Sparacino Production Manager, Juan Munoz, Enrique Aguero, Chase Erickson, Luke Graham, Mitchell Snow, Andrew Currie.
Back row, standing, Rt. to LFT.:
Paul Marek, Stuart Clagg, Ray Edwards-Massey, John Garcia, Justin Nix, David Schlater, Justin Dial, Jesus Ramos, Jorge Guajardo, Josue Limones, John Hinson Divison President.
The following Mechanic Coaches, Mechanic Level Trainee Coach, and Supervision Coaches were recogniized by this group of graduates as having been their most influential coaches during their training to date:
Mechanic Coaches: Manual A Frias, Jorge A Garcia, Jose G Alvarez, Manual Gasca, Victor Cano
Mechanic Level Trainee Coach: Womono Nyongesa
Supervision Coaches: Wayne Strawser Jr., Albert Suarez, Koby Newkirk, Ed Kuta, Kent Breese, Frank Suarez
Thanks to eveyone, office/field, for making this another successful graduation. Buddy Britt-WFD Training Coordinator Dallas Branch