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Houston Workforce Development

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Marek Houston will strive to attract and train highly qualified new employees to perpetuate the Marek reputation for outstanding performance, while honoring the legacy and loyalty of our current high performers by continuously improving their skills. We will accomplish this using the tools of our WFD program, effective assessments, and performance management, capitalizing on the many years of experience in our current workforce. Our goal is to formalize and reinforce our Marek company principles, and to build a culture of high expectations.

Houston WFD Blueprint Class Graduation

WFD trainees attending the power tool workshop conducted by Foreman, Frank Martin

Houston Billing department attending a material knowledge luncheon given by Armstrong

Group of foreman/supervisors participating in a team building exercise which was part of the Frontline Supervision Training course presented by Lone Star College

Houston's ESL (English as a Second Language) Program in partnership with Harris County Department of Education