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A Huge Thank You to Our Veterans

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What do we say to those men and women who fought for our freedom?

Words cannot describe the tears that are shed as we watch those we love go off to defend our country.

Words cannot describe the worry etched on a parent’s face, the dried tears on a spouse's pillow, the longing look at kids who have both parents safely at home.

There are two words that we can and should say to our Veterans: THANK YOU.

Thank you for stepping forward, when others stepped back.

Thank you for placing yourself in danger, so I may go about my normal day.

Thank you for braving unspeakable horrors of war.

Thank you for sacrificing your time with your family, for missing those milestones the rest of us take for granted.

Thank you to your family for understanding your need to sacrifice, so the rest of us can sleep soundly at night.

Thank you for showing our youth that Superhero’s don’t wear capes – they wear uniforms that proudly show our nation's flag.

A huge thank you to our Veterans from all of us at Marek!

We would like to acknowledge the following vets employed at Marek:

Houston office:
Buddy Britt - Texas Army National Guard
Chris Russell - US Army
Chuck Bundren - Texas State Guard
Dave Gordon - US Army
Deborah Risley - US Army
Harvey Drachenberg - US Army
James Underwood - US Army
Jim Morton - US Army
Joey Buxton - US Army
Jose Palacios - US Army
Kyle Brown - US Marine Corp
Noe Garza - US Navy
Pat Trojanowsky - US Army
Paul Nevlud - US Army
Randy Miller - US Navy
Skip Cable - US Marine Corp
Ralph Marek - US Navy
Stan Marek - Marine Corps Reserves
Susie M. Garcia - US Army

San Antonio office:
Bob Winder
Eddie Atnip - US Navy
Gary Gonzales
Larry Vano

Dallas office:
David Sparacino - Marine
Dave Lowe - Army
Wayne Strawser Sr. - Army
Gabriel Enriquez - Marine
Michael Gonzalez - Marine
Kenneth Green - Marine

Shurland Ryce
Ronald Bloodworth
Pete Nolan