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Marek Project Manager Discusses Building Information Modeling (BIM) Demo at Marek Open House

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Marek Project Manager Paul Godwin discussed Building Information Modeling (BIM) at the Marek 75th Anniversary Open House in October. The first example in the video below is called a Hollywood BIM and shows a mock-up that was done in the office and created from scratch by one of Marek's modelers. She did what's called a fly-through, all of the wood doors, everything she created herself. The second example goes into the nuts and bolts of modeling where you take a building model that you create in a Revit and give it more properties such as Marek's metal-stud framing. From there, other trades, like mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, will add their properties in, and then all of the models will be overlaid in a coordination meeting. Doing so will show potential constructability problems. These problems can be fixed before anyone actually gets out onto the job site, saving time and money, which is always every owner's dream. Watch below as Paul Godwin discusses the BIM demo.