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Marek Project Manager Discusses Newmat Demo at Marek 75th Anniversary Open House

Watch below as Kevin Little, Marek Project Manager, discusses the Newmat Stretch Ceiling System. Its numerous technical and aesthetic advantages make it a sought-after product used for a wide array of applications.

This is a translucent back-lit membrane. It's a PVC system that you can put anywhere in your building. You can put it on a wall, you can put it on a ceiling, you can backlight it, or you cannot backlight it. When you don't backlight it, it kind of looks like boring old drywall, nothing really fancy about it. But when you backlight it, you get an eye-popping, eye-catching centerpiece.

You'll see this feature a lot in the lobbies of buildings, so when you first walk into a building, everyone makes their lobbies pretty, and this is something to add to enhance the appearance of a building with minimalistic tools and a little bit of lighting.

It's a wonderful product. It's water resistant, it reshapes itself, so if I was to pick up on this panel right here and actually take my hand and force up onto it, it would create a nice little dent in it, but within two minutes, it will come back flat, and you'll never even know it happened.

Whenever we do this installation in a building, we do a full heat installation, so we put up perimeter track up on the wall, and we actually take this membrane, heat up the room to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and then stretch the membrane into a track system to create a solid ceiling. Then once you flip on the lights, it's almost like magic. It makes everything pop. You can put logos on it, you can put LED lighting behind it, it changes colors to give you different dynamics in the room. You can do colored paneling where it's a blue membrane instead of clear membrane.

We also do a micro perforation on it, so we can add to acoustics within a building. So drywall is a very noisy product. If you're in a hard surface area, and you've got this up above it with a pert included onto the membrane, from here you wouldn't be able to see it, but it roughly cuts down about 30% of the noise reverberation in an area so you can have nice cool feature. It's almost like a skyline that also helps eliminate noise from your lobby because most of these lobbies are going with stone and tiles and terazzas and lots of hard surfaces.