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Recent Bills for Construction

In my working relations on the Construction Education Foundation Board in DFW, I had the pleasure of reviewing the “Educational” Legislative materials passed this session and I am happy to say that.   “I think our representatives helped us.”

Several of these Bills have “avenues” available for accredited training programs and maybe we can apply for use in our Workforce Development Programs?

In a super short form, here are their brief descriptions:

HB 5 -    Provides Alternative paths (Career and Technology) for High school diplomas in lieu of traditional College Prep Courses and tests.

HB 809- Disseminates Employment demands to educators in each county.

HB 842- Provides for Dual credits to career and tech students in pursuit of associates degrees and certificates while in High school.

HB 2201- Doubles #’s of career and tech courses by 2017.

HB 3662- TX Workforce Commission Innovation Needs Program, by demand of employment needs, TWC to initiate special education programs.

SB 441- Fast Start Program- Demand established by Local Employers, Grants for specialized education and training for skills and technical development.