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UTSA CS&M Estimating II Class Visit

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On Tuesday, the 17th of April, MBS San Antonio hosted a group of Construction Science and Management Students from the University of Texas at San Antonio. The students are in a class titled "Estimating II."
MBS is a founding member of the CIAC (Construction Industry Advisory Council: for the CS&M program at UTSA. At a recent career fair, Professor Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi visted our booth that was attended by Stacy Gunderson, our WFD Corrdinator. Subsequesntly, Professor Pishdad asked if her Estimating II class could schedule a session at our office and learn a little about our estimating process and actually visit and observe our estimators at work.
We met in the conference room for an overview of the estimating process presented by Dennis Yanowski. Then we allowed the students to visit our estimators, observe work in progress and ask questions. The students are familiar with "on-screen take-off: and "Quick-bid," but to see it "at-work" seemed to get their attention. After visiting the estimators, the group re-convened for Q&A and to close out the seesion. In closing comments, Dennis Yanowski stated that he looks forward to the day when one of these students goes to work for one of our good customers, and remembers us when it's his or her turn to select a Drywall sub-contractor!
We at MBS were delighted to his this group, the future of Construction Management in San Antonio is bright. A special thanks to the faculty of the CS&M department for reaching out and allowing us to be a part of their program.