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Virtual Construction Services with BIM

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Exterior Framing – We have the capability to break the exterior walls into different layers. Our design can reveal framing, sheathing, and other layers which can be added in an exterior wall along with attachment clips as required.


Interior Framing – We have the capability to visually enhance the interior walls, which provides you an opportunity to identify different wall types. Rated walls can be easily made distinguishable with non rated walls. Also, we can break an interior wall into different layers displaying light gauge metal stud framing with or without gypsum board. 


Shop Drawings – We can deliver shop drawings for all walls in a project. These shop drawings will display light gauge metal stud framing with exact stud size and location. It also gives you framing around openings.


Architectural Modeling – We have a team of trained professionals capable of delivering a full scale architectural model for any project.


Acoustical Framing – Our ceiling framing gives you an opportunity to track the location of ceiling grid with or without ceiling tiles. Profile of our ceiling grid matches the profile of ceiling grid as installed in the field with exact dimensions.


Clash Detection and Risk Mitigation – We are capable of running and resolving clash detection. With our expert knowledge we can provide you the best feasible solution available for any clashes that covers our scope of work.