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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Head and Face Protection

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Your head is fragile and must be protected. A minor injury to any other part of your body would probably be a serious injury to your head. A recent study of motorcycle accidents revealed that there were three times more fatal or serious head injuries in a state not requiring helmets.

In the construction industry more workers are killed each year from head injuries than any other cause, and falling objects are responsible for a great number of these. It's no secret, hard hats work, that's why the Marek Family of Companies insists that you wear one. Isn't it amazing that with all your brainpower, you have to be forced into protecting it? How about your eyes? They're really delicate and if you've ever had a minor eye injury, you surely remember the scary feeling of wondering if it might result in a permanent injury or the loss of your sight. Think about it, don't safety glasses make good sense?

No one really likes to wear a respirator or dust mask, but when you do, you can see how much dirt the filter has trapped and be glad it's on the filter and not in your lungs. It's estimated that two million American workers suffer from some degree of hearing loss. It happens so slowly that you don't notice the change. Now HEAR this.... Before it's too late, make it a practice to wear hearing protection whenever needed and preserve your hearing.

Always remember to give your head, eyes, ears and lungs the care they deserve -- It's tough to live without them.

REMEMBER!! A clean job improves efficiency and quality, reduces material waste and prevents tripping, falls and fires.

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