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Weekly Toolbox Talk: State of the Company Update

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In March and April, all Foremen were invited to Marek’s latest State of the Company meeting. This year we are working to communicate updates from each of these meetings to you.

Several Marek locations are off to a strong and steady start in the first half of the year. Those cities with a slower ramp up are gaining momentum as summer approaches. To succeed as a team, we must continue to play hard and win in the second half of the season.

Thank you for your hard work. Together we can make the 2016 Vision a reality. As Marek’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Holland, says, “Let’s give thanks, make it true and make it happen.” You are Marek’s Strength from Within.

In the next couple of days, you will receive a link via text to a video message from Mike. For those of you who may not know his story, Mike started with the company over 45 years ago working with trucks and as a carpenter hanging sheetrock in the field. Today, he leads operations across the company.

If you do not receive the text, please provide your number to your Foreman to receive future communications.