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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Strength From Within

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Our first priority of this year is to enhance communication throughout every part of the MAREK workforce. One way we’re trying to achieve this is by arming everyone with the knowledge of how big our MAREK family has grown. Why are we doing this? Well, it’s because we have a ton of successful stories to tell and the one thing in common in all of these stories is, Our People. Without each of you, our success wouldn’t be possible – one thing is for certain, MAREK’s STRENGTH does come from WITHIN.

Today we want to take the time and tell each of you “Thank You”. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. MAREK wouldn’t be the quality company it is today without our field workforce who often put in long hours and endure some harsh elements to ensure that the end product is one that MAREK proudly stands behind. Whatever position you hold within the company, it’s an important one. The dedication from each and every one of our workers has helped shape our growing city and it’s also helped instill pride we feel for the company.

We are always looking for opportunities to unify our workers, to set the standards not only with impressing the customer, but making MAREK a better place to work. Each year we try to find different ways to engage everyone and this year is no different. This year brings us MAREK BINGO whose purpose is to engage everyone in a fun activity that helps promote unity throughout the company, but also embraces the technology we have to help communicate with each and every one of you.

We hope that you take the time to play and acknowledge all that MAREK is doing to help support our workforce.

One last thing! Work safe this week; let’s make today count and remember these general safety rules:

  • Always wear proper personal protective safety equipment.
  • Don’t take chances or use dangerous shortcuts
  • Always watch out for the safety of others
  • Help others learn new safety practices
  • Plan ahead. Plan to work Safely
  • Concentrate on the task at hand. Don’t daydream. Don’t engage in horseplay
  • Report all injuries to you supervisor immediately
  • Don’t run through the work area except in an emergency
  • Be alert for tripping hazards and head injury hazards. Obey signs and tags
  • Keep the work area clean
  • Don’t use drugs or alcohol
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