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Workforce Development Dallas trainees take the National Craft Assessment and Certification

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Thursday, June 17, 2010, twenty-nine Marek Workforce Development mechanic level trainees participated in the National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCCER) with twenty-three trainees passing the test. Upon the successful completion of the assessment, each WFD trainee will receive the NCCER’s appropriate credentials, a completion certificate, a nationally recognized certification card, official transcript, and the NCCER hard hat sticker. 
The NCCER written assessment is a two-hour closed book examination. All of the NCCER questions on the assessment have been developed and approved by subject matter experts from the respective craft. 
A journey – level Drywall Mechanic should be able to:
  • Apply basic safety principles at all times
  • Recognize the tools needed in the trade and their application
  • Apply basic math operations for calculating areas and proper measurements
  • Interpret commercial drawings and layouts
  • Identify the proper procedures and materials for interior and exterior framing considering drawings specifications, wall openings, expansion joints and other key factors.
  • Identify the proper procedures and materials for installing shaft wall
  • Apply the best practices for thermal moisture and protection, including the installation of batt and rigid installation and zee-furring
  • Identify the appropriate finishing procedures for hanging drywall. This includes but is not limited to measuring and cutting drywallaccording to a wall’s length and openings, determining the proper spacing, and applying the right caulk and trims necessary for the job.
Congratulations to the trainees who passed the NCCER assessment examination, one more step towards becoming a Marek Certified Craft Professional. The highest level mechanic in the Marek Workforce, with the experience working to the production standards.