Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art - James Turrell Exhibit


Marek Location
Project Location
North Adams
Project Sector
Brunner/Cott & Associates
General Contractor
Linbeck Construction

After constructing an unusual art exhibit for James Turrell in Houston, our team won another opportunity to build another exhibit for Mr. Turrell, this time in Massachusetts. Thirteen of our highly-talented craftsmen flew and lived in North Adams, MA for six months to create more than just exhibits; we created spaces that created light.

MAREK completed the millwork, GRG, finishing, painting, drywall and metal framing to create and showcase the artwork. 316 varying-sized GRG shapes were installed to provide a perception of light and space. Our dedicated teams completed the finish work on nine exhibits covering 35,000 sq. ft. that seem to defy gravity and create a feeling of levitation.

Squares of sky seem to float, suspended in the ceilings and walls; brilliant geometric shapes seem to levitate in midair. The glass-fiber reinforced gypsum structures are unique to Turrell’s work, and our team devoted their time with their families and loved ones to ensure that MAREKs quality in construction reached across the country.