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by Marek Brothers on Sep 3, 2019

In my role as Executive Director of Construction Career Collaborative (C3), I make many presentations each year to building owners, general contractors, specialty contractors, design professionals and industry trade groups as I evangelize the important work we do. Nearly everyone with whom I meet recognizes that C3’s mission of achieving a safe,... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Aug 27, 2019

Electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard, exposing employees to such dangers as electrical shock, electrocution, fires and explosions. However when we talk about fires, is also important to mention that sprinkler systems are installed in projects to prevent fire breakouts inside buildings, but when these lines with high-... read more

by Marek Brothers on Aug 26, 2019

Craft professionals in construction have the “gift of choice” and the chance to be the author of their own future. That was the main message from Mike Bellaman, President and CEO of the Associated Builders and Contractors, as he spoke to students graduating from the Workforce Development Program at MAREK this year.

by Jorge Vazquez on Aug 23, 2019

Powder actuated fastening tools have many things in common with sporting rifles and pistols. All use a load to fire a projectile and all are commonly referred to as “guns.”All powder-actuated tools have safety requirements. When not followed, a deadly situation can result. Just as you would never point a field rifle or pistol at another person... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Aug 14, 2019

 Hot weather causes more fatalities than any other weather-related source. Heat waves rarely are given adequate attention but in fact, they claim more lives each year than floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined. Heat waves are a silent killer. Heatstroke also affects both genders equally. However, because many men were exposed to heat in the... read more

by Marek Brothers on Aug 12, 2019

The following article was authored by Angela Robbins of C3.I have always been a no-nonsense girl and have rarely taken ‘no’ for an answer in my career. The idea of not being allowed to do something simply because I am a woman is difficult for me to tolerate. But this has been a reality for women in the workplace for generations. Although much has... read more

by Marek Brothers on Aug 12, 2019

The filmmakers at The Rational Middle this week put a bow on the first season of their immigration documentary series, calling it a “holistic view” of the issue they hope will “inform the public, shape sensible policy solutions and create a deeper understanding of this important challenge.”

by Marek Brothers on Aug 12, 2019

The following article about the construction and design of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston building called the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building, was authored by Jim Kollaer and originally published on Construction Citizen. MAREK is involved in this project and our scope of work includes Drywall, Tape & Float, Thermal Insulation, Acoustical... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Aug 7, 2019

At the Marek Family of Companies we thrive on having safe equipment. Keep in mind that equipment is only as safe as the people who use it are. We have two sizes of the Web-Tex scaffolds: 6’ and 8’. You should use the smallest size possible to reach your work.Today you will discuss the proper uses for a Web-Tex Scaffold, covering the following... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jul 30, 2019

At the Marek Family of Companies we take pride on everything we do. Our type of work is often performed at heights and working at heights can be hazardous-falls rank as the chief cause of death on the construction jobsite. That’s why the Marek Family of Companies is always looking for ways to protect their employees and get the work done more... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jul 23, 2019

There are several dangers on job sites simple because of the nature of construction work. When the natural hazards found on construction jobs sites are compounded with clutter and debris, the hazard level increases and the potential for an accident or an injury substantially increases. A construction site with poor housekeeping creates an unsafe... read more

by Marek Brothers on Jul 18, 2019

The following article was authored by Scott Braddock and originally published on leaders, educators, and others should be doing all they can to come up with innovative ways to meet the challenge of filling so-called “middle-skill” jobs in Southeast Texas and beyond. That message came through loud and clear during... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jul 17, 2019

RAIN CAN RUIN A JOBRain may be good for the farmer, but it can turn the jobsite into a giant mud pie. The rain can ruin materials and supplies and generally make things downright messy. Steel gets slippery, equipment gets stuck, and workers get wet. By covering equipment, materials, tools, supplies and people, rain doesn’t have a chance to do as... read more

by Stan Marek on Jul 15, 2019

The lowest unemployment rate in decades is great news, and yet many employers are facing the biggest labor crisis they have faced in years. Full employment is great if everyone working is playing by the same rules. In Texas, more than in any other state, the large number of undocumented workers tend to change the dynamics.An estimated 2 million... read more

by Marek Brothers on Jul 11, 2019

As the 2018-2019 school year closes and we watch the first wave of craft workers hired from the C3 Career Fair enter the workforce as they move beyond graduation, I am reminded how life is full of milestones and moments that mark our progress. These milestones are important. They mark the significant achievements along our path.

by Jorge Vazquez on Jul 10, 2019

Most hazards found at jobsites are man made, while others were there before construction began. Those are the ones that fly, crawl and slither.Insects—Protection from bites and stings is your first defense. Some personal protection measures you can use to avoid getting stung include:Avoid swatting at flying insects. Instead, gently brush them... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jul 3, 2019

All of us have exposed ourselves to possible injury by taking shortcuts when a few extra seconds would have meant doing something the safe way. We did this as children when we jumped the fence instead of using the gate. We do it today when we cross streets between intersections instead of at corners.Many people show disregard for the fact that... read more

by Marek Brothers on Jun 28, 2019

When you ask Sam Nunez, Corporate Controller at MAREK, what he thinks about training programs at work, he will give you a straightforward answer. “It’s not an option, it’s a must. You’ve got to have (a training program.)” In fact, Sam believes in the value of training employees so much, that he recently shared his insight on a panel at the... read more

by Marek Brothers on Jun 26, 2019

The following article was authored by Construction Career Collaborative Executive Director Chuck Gremillion.Nearly ten years ago, a group of leaders in the Houston commercial construction industry met to discuss its biggest future challenge, an aging and diminishing craft workforce.  Baby Boomers were (and still are) reaching retirement age at the... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jun 26, 2019

WHY TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER?Actually, we have no control over rain, snow, sleet, wind, lightning or sunshine. But we can control what happens on our job as a result of the elements. Some of the biggest problems on construction jobs are caused by wind and lightning. Wind probably causes the most accidents; lightning can be deadly.WATCH OUT FOR... read more


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