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by Jorge Vazquez on Dec 30, 2013

WEEKLY TOOLBOX TALK: COLD WEATHER SAFETY As the weather becomes “frightful” during winter months, construction workers who must brave the outdoor conditions face the occupational hazard of exposure to the cold. You need to be especially mindful of the weather, its effects on the body, and proper prevention techniques. Environmental conditions The... read more

by Marek Brothers on Dec 23, 2013

THE END OF THE YEAR The Marek Family of Companies is responsible for training you in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and of the safety hazards applicable to your workplace. However, you are also an important player in jobsite safety and security. The simplest of tasks, such as placing trash where it belongs, picking up extension... read more

by John Hinson on Dec 19, 2013

 In my working relations on the Construction Education Foundation Board in DFW, I had the pleasure of reviewing the “Educational” Legislative materials passed this session and I am happy to say that.   “I think our representatives helped us.”Several of these Bills have “avenues” available for accredited training programs and maybe we can apply for... read more

by Marek Brothers on Dec 13, 2013

The following was originally posted in the Houston Chapter of the American Subcontractors Association's newsletter.In early Spring 2013, under the guidance of Cary Seabolt and Marcus Bollum of Marek Brothers Systems, the planning began for an ASA-Houston Chapter student chapter in the Department of Construction Science within the College of... read more

by Mike Holland on Dec 11, 2013

On Thursday, November 21st, of this year I, along with 50 other executives, “slept out” on the grounds of the Covenant House, a homeless shelter for kids, to help raise awareness and much needed funds. For me, it was the second time to participate in this wonderful and transformative event. I was introduced to this by a good friend Kurt Nondorf,... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Dec 9, 2013

Sprains and strains continue to be one of the highest types of injuries within our company. By following a few simple rules, many of these injuries can be avoided or their severity greatly reduced. Medical evidence has shown that performing warm-up exercises before work and after breaks reduces strain and sprain type injuries.These rules are:•... read more

by Whitney Martin on Dec 3, 2013

The Wreaths Across America story began over 20 years ago when Worchester Wreath Company (a for-profit commercial business from Harrington, Maine) began a tradition of placing wreaths on the headstones of our Nation's fallen heros at Arlington National Cemetary.  Over the years, Worcester Wreath has donated countless wreaths which were placed by... read more

by Stan Marek on Dec 3, 2013

I have been in the construction industry my whole life.  As was my great grandfather who built the castles in Olomouc, Czech Republic but left to find the freedom offered by emigrating to America.  My Father and his brothers started our company 75 years ago with the sons of immigrant farmers from Central Texas towns like Yoakum, Hallettsville, and... read more

by Marek Brothers on Dec 2, 2013

Ray Vasquez, Marek Project Manager of Novawall Fabric Panels discusses the installation of Novawall in a demonstration conference room at Marek’s offices. The installation coincided with Marek’s 75th anniversary. Novawall is the leading custom site fabricated stretch fabric panel system for acoustics. The fabrics were provided by DesignTex and Ben... read more

by Marek Brothers on Dec 2, 2013

You are at risk from falling objects when you are beneath equipment, scaffolds, etc., or where overhead work is being performed. There is a danger from flying objects when power tools, or activities like pushing, pulling, or prying, may cause objects to become airborne. Injuries can range from minor abrasions to concussions, blindness, or death.... read more

by Whitney Martin on Nov 25, 2013

On October 26th, Marek San Antonio participated in the American Heart Association's annual Heart Walk at the sponsorship level.  The walk was a great community event with record breaking attendance at over 9,000 participants.  Marek had a booth set up at the AHA's Community Viillage promoting the then "Building A Better San Antonio".  Several... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Nov 25, 2013

The Marek Family of Companies wants to take this opportunity to give thanks to the most important part of our business – YOU. We hope that you and your family have had a safe and healthy year. We hope you can spend these holidays with family and be able to give thanks for what you have.All of us at Marek can be thankful for another year. We want... read more

by Marek Brothers on Nov 24, 2013

On November 2nd our Houston office hosted an ACE Build It event.At this event, 12-15 high school students involved in the ACE program and their mentors came together to build picnic tables that were delivered to area charitable organizations. All in all 15 tables were built and $34,000.00 was raised for the ACE Mentorship program. Tables weren't... read more

by Jeremy Green on Nov 20, 2013

MechoSystems, Inc.® new MagnaShade® is a super-wide, motorized roller shade that does the work of multiple shade bands without light gaps or seams.

by Jorge Vazquez on Nov 18, 2013

As the weather becomes “frightful” during winter months, construction workers who must brave the outdoor conditions face the occupational hazard of exposure to the cold. You need to be especially mindful of the weather, its effects on the body, and proper prevention techniques.

by Marek Brothers on Nov 15, 2013

Marek Project Manager Paul Godwin discussed Building Information Modeling (BIM) at the Marek 75th Anniversary Open House in October. The first example in the video below is called a Hollywood BIM and shows a mock-up that was done in the office and created from scratch by one of Marek's modelers. She did what's called a fly-through, all of the wood... read more

by Mike Holland on Oct 29, 2013

Our proud tradition at Marek is born of the fact that three Czech brothers from South Texas overcame the economic storm of The Depression in the 1930’s by mastering the art of drywall. Since that time, we've branched out in ways that folks in 1938 could probably never have imagined. Sure, we still hang a lot of drywall and our industry recognizes... read more

by Marek Brothers on Oct 25, 2013

Watch below as Kevin Little, Marek Project Manager, discusses the Newmat Stretch Ceiling System. Its numerous technical and aesthetic advantages make it a sought-after product used for a wide array of applications.This is a translucent back-lit membrane. It's a PVC system that you can put anywhere in your building. You can put it on a wall, you... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Oct 23, 2013

Every Front Line Supervisor is responsible for timely reporting of all work-related injuries, accidents and fall exposures. To properly carry out his duties, today we are reviewing with all employees, the responsibilities of supervisors and employees to report accidents.

by Jorge Vazquez on Sep 30, 2013

Actually, we have no control over rain, snow, sleet, wind, lightning or sunshine. But we can control what happens on our job as a result of the elements. Some of the biggest problems on construction jobs are caused by wind and lightning. Wind probably causes the most accidents; lightning can be deadly.


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