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Stream the Rational Middle Podcast

The Rational Middle podcast hosts Chris Lyon and Loren Steffy — with the help of immigration attorneys Charles Foster and Jacob Monty — dive into America’s troubled history of employment verification, workforce recruiting, education, misclassification, and the subsequent impacts on our workforce. They also discuss potential pathways to a solution.

Rational Middle Launches Podcast for Immigration Discussions

The filmmakers at the Rational Middle have now also launched a podcast tackling the tough topic of immigration. Their video documentary series on the issue, which you can check out here, offers a primer on how the United States arrived at the broken immigration system it has today.

Audio: Immigration and Labor in America

On a recent episode of NPR's 1A, they delved into the real world consequences of stepped-up immigration enforcement in the form of recent workplace raids. 
From the show notes: 

"The raids came as the U.S. is experiencing a nationwide labor shortage. While the raided poultry plants held job fairs to try to replace the detained staff, industry executives say they struggle to hire enough workers." 

The Future of Immigration and Workforce in Greater Houston and Montgomery County

Business leaders attended a program to learn about and discuss the future of workforce and immigration in greater Houston and Montgomery County in The Woodlands recently. Data presented by experts revealed the critical and complementary role that immigrants play in the local workforce, and business executives in attendance echoed the case made by a Rational Middle of Immigration video for improving the H1-B visa system to increase Texas’ and the US’ economic competitiveness.


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