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by Yesenia Aguilar on Jul 5, 2016

In May, eighteen Booker T. Washington High School students participated in a Drywall Clinic hosted by Marek. The Architecture and Construction Academy students worked in three teams to layout, frame and sheetrock an 8x8 room.Guided by Marek Workforce Development representatives, each student team spent the morning on layout and framing – including... read more

by Sabra Phillips on Jun 9, 2016

Three of Marek’s Houston-based emerging leaders were honored in May at the ABC Leadership Forum Graduation. Roland Mercier, Glen Blaha and Shannon Zweifel join a number of legacy Marek program grads.The event, hosted at the Houston City Club, honored 26 program graduates from a variety of both general and specialty contractors. Significant others... read more

by Sabra Phillips on Jun 6, 2016

When Lee High School’s field trip to a construction jobsite was rained out late last month, Marek brought the jobsite to the school. Twenty Construction and Architecture Academy sophomores met with a panel of Marek representatives to learn about careers in construction. Donning their Marek PPE, students participated in a stretch and flex before... read more

by Shannon Zweifel on Apr 26, 2016

There’s no doubt that education looks different in 2016. Students are provided with many opportunities to try and experience a variety of careers through technical schools, career fairs and internships. Marek teammates enjoy the time they get to spend with students, answering questions and providing a glimpse into the construction industry.Our... read more

by Shannon Zweifel on Apr 19, 2016

Have you ever been asked what you wanted to be when you grow up? When you answered, were you encouraged to explore these opportunities? Were your options limitless? On Saturday, April 9th, Houston ISD students did just that. Students ranging from kindergarten to seniors in high school were able to explore career opportunities and picture... read more

by Sabra Phillips on Feb 17, 2016

What starts here makes us stronger.More than 50 Marek Leaders convened in Houston on January 27th and 28th to capture the Strength from Within our talented field leadership. The conference focused on getting back to basics – those core best practices used every day at the gangbox.Attendees included 25 Field Leaders – a sampling of top Foremen,... read more

by Shannon Zweifel on Jan 15, 2016

Students from Pasadena ISD’s Career & Technical High School walked away from Marek with tools for success this week. Mr. Garza’s Construction Technology class visited Marek offices on Wednesday, January 13th, where students participated in a hands-on power tools workshop, learned about construction safety, and tested out some of the latest... read more

by Shannon Zweifel on Dec 7, 2015

Students from Booker T. Washington High School got the construction low down during the Introduction to Construction event presented by Marek in November. At Marek, we take pride in our employees and the future of our workforce. In order to continue to educate the future of the workforce, we partner with school districts to promote workforce... read more

by John Hinson on Sep 14, 2015

Marek Dallas Division President John Hinson wrote the following President’s Message for AWCI's Construction Dimension magazine. Hinson is the 2015-2016 President of AWCI.I  take great pleasure in complementing our craftsmen’s work. They have the talent and artistic ability to build today’s landmarks, and it takes years of training and experience... read more

by Marek Brothers on Aug 27, 2015

Authored by Elizabeth McPherson and originally published on

by Marek Brothers on Aug 25, 2015

Authored by Elizabeth McPherson and originally published on

by Marek Brothers on May 1, 2015

The following was authored by Texas A&M Construction Science Professor Edelmiro Escamilla, and originally published on an Assistant Instructional Professor from Texas A&M University's Department of Construction Science who teaches materials and methods, construction graphics, as well as construction project... read more

by Arthur Ehmling on Apr 20, 2015

What a great day April 11th was! Three of Marek’s trainees from the Workforce Development Program and Houston Workforce Development Head Coach spent the day at Houston Independent School District’s “When I Grow Up Career Expo”. There were over one hundred companies, schools, and community organizations that had booths to give students a look and... read more

by Marek Brothers on Apr 17, 2015

The following article was authored by Elizabeth McPherson, and originally published on recently visited Pasadena ISD’s Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School (CTHS) on a day when a group of high school juniors were receiving hands-on training in drywall installation by professionals from Marek Houston.  I was... read more

by Marek Brothers on Apr 2, 2015

The following article was authored by Elizabeth McPherson, and originally published on week a group of construction professionals from Marek once again volunteered their time to instruct high school students in drywall installation at their new state-of-the-art Pasadena Independent School District facility.  Houston... read more

by Marek Brothers on Feb 19, 2015

A few weeks ago, Saied Alavi, Director of Operations at Marek Brothers Houston, and I visited an active construction site on the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) campus. The new Jennie Sealy Hospital is scheduled to be completed later this year and open for patients early next year. We went there to talk with Gloria Palau,... read more

by Marek Brothers on Nov 26, 2014

Originally published on Construction Citizen.The Houston region, just like many other areas of the country, faces a paradox when it comes to matching people with the right jobs.  But the challenge in Houston is exacerbated in a way that other places would love.  There are so many jobs available that employers simply can’t keep up.  The... read more

by Stacy Gunderson on Sep 24, 2014

October's "Careers in Construction" month is quickly approaching, and you may wonder what you can do during this time to bring awareness to the trades. You have an entire month to find activities, to get out, and to get involved.As someone who loves to bring awareness to the trades, one of my favorite activities is to get in front of a group of... read more

by Mike Holland on Aug 13, 2014

On July 23rd, Marek was pleased to recognize several of our workforce development participants for various levels of graduation within our program. An earlier post by Arthur Ehmling, our corporate training coordinator, outlined the specific levels attained by the 21 helpers, 8 mechanics, and 18 foremen, who worked very diligently to reach these... read more

by Arthur Ehmling on Jul 29, 2014

After the 2014 Workforce Development Graduation July 23rd, I met with one of the twenty-one new Marek Helper graduates, Rodrick Horn. Rodrick came to us during the probation period of the Workforce Development Training program. Rodrick completed the process and started the probation period in January 2013. He proved to be an outstanding trainee,... read more


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